Review: Desecresy – Stoic Death

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Reviews
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Desecresy - Stoic Death

Finnish death merchants Desecresy (man, that’s difficult to type first time) have released their fourth opus, ‘Stoic Death’ at the start of November this year, and I must admit I’m not familiar with them at all. But I am partial to a bit of Finnish death metal, due to the fact that they generally seem to drag up the most ancient evil from the Thousand Lakes, so I’m in!

Opener ‘Remedies from Wolf’s Bane’ has this grinding Scandinavian death groove about it, but there’s some atonal melodies that work their way in that draw your attention. This is dense but definitely shot through with a sense of Finnish gloom. ‘The Work of Anakites’ rumbles into existence, with its guttural vocal masking a surprisingly melodic song. Desecresy are definitely capable of writing material that has an innate sense of melody, despite the brutality on offer. This is still traditional death metal, but there are some interesting time changes and murky atmospherics that give that feeling of unexpectedness.

‘Stoic Death’ is an album that will surprise you repeatedly with its depth and musical aptitude. The spiralling guitars that open the doom-laden ‘Passage to Terminus’ betray a hint of progressive metal, while the more grinding traditional death metal assault of ‘Sanguine Visions’ is multilayered, not just mindless riffing. It’s almost hard to describe this feeling of magic that ‘Stoic Death’ brings. It’s a slight unease at what is coming next, but satisfaction at the execution. Desecresy are now a name I’m going to remember, as they’ve produced a stunning album of atypical death metal. It’s slow, its eerie and its damn fantastic.


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