Review: Deiphago – Into the Eye of Satan

Posted: November 29, 2015 in Reviews
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Deiphago - Into the Eye of Satan

Filipino antichrists Deiphago have unleashed their newest collection of Satanic invocations on Hell’s Headbangers this year. ‘Into the Eye of Satan’ will no doubt carry on the cyclonic force of evil and darkness that their previous work has personified.

I wasn’t wrong in that assumption either. ‘Into the Eye of Satan’ is a howling, ragged piece of filthy, thrashing death metal, shot through with a grimy black metal streak. After the ‘Intro/Obliteration’ kick off, which builds from tense wind effects into a scream, ‘Evil and Adverse’ kicks off this primal barbarism with some harsh blackened thrash assault. The production is, at times, almost suffocatingly dense, and there is little chance to breathe between songs. Deiphago has definitely improved greatly from their ‘Filipino Antichrist’, which ticked the boxes for intensity, but not so much songwriting. ‘Into the Eye of Satan’ is chock full of killer, razor riffs.

You may not find anything particularly new or unusual in this record, but what you will find is a bug-eyed intensity, coupled with riffs like the Reaper’s rusty scythe, and some genuinely killer songs, like the raging ‘(6x6x6)/3’, or the chugging death doom of ‘Serpentine Anti-world’, before it thrashes off again. The drumming is top notch, and the fury is so genuine. South East Asia has spat out a lot of bands like this in the past two years, but this kind of ‘War metal’ is a favourite. Their music is also generally of a high standard too, even if it is primal, raw and vicious. If you want to know what the end of days, coming of Satan himself will sound like, get a hold of Deiphago and prepare yourself.



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