Review: Omega Diatribe – Abstract Ritual

Posted: November 22, 2015 in Reviews
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Abstract Ritual cover art

Hungarian groove metallers Omega Diatribe’s new EP features death metal drumming legend Kevin Talley on percussive battery, and that’ll suggest to you that at very least the drumming on this record will be stellar. The description of ‘extreme groove metal’ and the artwork suggests a Meshuggah influence here.

I was right. Omega Ritual owe a lot to the Swedish riff manglers, and while never quite reaching the same heights, Omega Ritual groove their way through six riff heavy destroyers. Opener ‘Subsequent Phase’ is relentless in its almost mechanical pounding, and while the EP’s artowrk suggests a more spiritual experience, the music feels more mechanised and artificial. They have that same kind of cold, soulless sound that prime Fear Factory evoke. That kind of imperious riff that exists in a bubble, far from outside influences.

‘Extrinsic’ has the omnipresence about it, with a bulldozing riff leading into a more straightforward thrash song that rumbles with polyrhythmic fury. Each riff drops out with stomach churning force, which is also true about the knee buckling groove in ‘Hydrozoan Periods’. While a lot of bands have aped Meshuggah’s tone and riffing style, few bands have managed to replicate it so well. Omega Diatribe may follow a lot of those traits, but they also inject enough of their own personality into each track to stand out. Take the calming tranquillity of ‘The Quantum’, or the fact that they close out the EP with a remix. It’s little touches like this that keep them from being copycats.

‘Abstract Ritual’ is great for two main reasons. One, it gives you something to tide you over til the new Meshuggah record comes out. Two, its a fucking brutally heavy record in its own right and with this vast groove fodder on show, you’d be a fool to miss out. Bang your fucking head.


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