Review: Pigskinner – Leech

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Reviews
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Leech cover art

One man Greek grindcore destroyer Pigskinner have been active for not even a year yet, and their full length album ‘Leech’ is eighteen minutes of flailing chaos.

As you’d expect, the riffing is manic, the vocals are bug eyed intense and the aural violence is extreme. There’s no need to expect any kind of musical progression or variety. It’s fifteen tracks of grinding, growling brutality. But songs like ‘Dead Tissue’ and ‘Poser Holocaust’ have an almost Discharge-like groove about them. This isn’t like Pig Destroyer-esque, razor sharp scything, this is more of a dirty crust punk battering.

‘Social Excreta’ is almost like a slam death metal song, with a guttural vocal expulsion and a sickening groove. ‘Chainsawfucked’ is rapid fire carnage, while ‘Dude, Chillax’ (probably one of the best grindcore song titles ever) is a thick, chunky riff garden of heaviness. Pigskinner inject this incredible variety into what is such a short album and such a pigeonholing genre. Of course, at its blackened, rusted heart Pigskinner are grindcore through and through. But at no point is there any fear of doing things just a little different.

Sure, ‘Leech’ is still very much a grindcore album. Short songs, unending brutality and a kickass DIY ethic. But ‘Leech’ is more than just that. It’s a release that shoehorns a massive Discharge influence into a very varied and riff heavy set of songs that are something to be proud of. Excellent debut!


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