Review: Affliction Gate – Dying Alone

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Reviews
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Affliction Gate - Dying Alone

French death metal quintet Affliction Gate are releasing their newest EP ‘Dying Alone’ through Transcending Obscurity at the start of next year. January the 5th to be precise. Mark that day in your calendar, because that is the day you will come upon one of death metal’s brightest hopes.

I was going to say new hopes, but Affliction Gate have been around since 2006. This is my first experience with them, but I’ve heard good things. As soon as ‘Negative Lucidity’ begins, you can feel palpable rage coming straight out of your speakers. The riffing is dense and the vocals sound like Herostratus is gargling with blood. Soulful lead guitar takes us into a beautiful, eastern tinged solo, bringing to mind modern Behemoth but with less drama. Affliction Gate also channel the great Bolt Thrower with the propulsive bombardment of ‘Devising Our Own Chains’.

‘Dying Alone’ is replete with great melodic guitar leads in amongst the brutality. They aren’t melodeath by any stretch, but the guitar work is stellar and really adds to the sound. The title track is this crawling, menacing beast that engages a higher gear of destruction as it builds to a satisfying, crunching conclusion. Wailing guitar leads punctuate the devastating ‘Manicheism Inertia’ and its relentless battering.

Affliction Gate are likely to have one of 2016’s best death metal EPs. I know that may seem premature, but it’ll take a lot to outmatch ‘Dying Alone’. A triumphant slab of pure French death metal fury, where brutality meets beautiful dark melody. Awesome


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