Review: Tundra – The Burning Fanatism

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Reviews
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Tundra - The Burning Fanatism

Italian black metal traditionalists Tundra have unleashed their third full length, ‘The Burning Fanatism’, on Avantgarde. It’s another in a long line of quality Avantgarde releases this year, and its a forty minute frozen ride.

Opener ‘Disgust’ comes at you with a clean, eerie guitar melody that builds with screams and a dissonant, buzzing guitar tone. It’s a slow, haunting piece of black metal, ripe with ghastly atmosphere and only halfway do you get the blastbeat assault throbbing underneath. It’s very atmospheric and the slower pace cranks up the menace. ‘Oblivion’ is another straightforward black metal song, with fearsome growls and shrieks dominating the landscape. Tundra’s music definitely shows a thick, Immortal vibe running through it.

The calming acoustics of ‘Blurred’ provide a welcome respite from the punishing, suffocating black metal assault on display. Tundra are as bleak and unforgiving as their name suggests, and their classic 2nd wave European black metal is relentless and hypnotising. The scathing ‘Wrath’, the oddly melodic ‘Revenge’ and the fierce blizzard of ‘Fanatism’ feel very authentic, and Tundra do a good job of keeping the songs flowing.

‘The Burning Fanatism’ is a mature, well crafted piece of traditional black metal. Each song oozes with a cold charisma, a rasping ode to the icy north. Tundra have created something special here, for those who seek a more traditional black metal work out. Ace!

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