Review: Surtur – Descendant of Time

Posted: November 13, 2015 in Reviews
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Descendant of Time

Bangladeshi thrash squadron Surtur are dropping their debut EP, ‘Descendant of Time’ this month. It is here to scream loud the virtues of raw 80s thrash in the vein of Sadus or Dark Angel. This should be good…

Opener ‘Prologue to Chaos’ is a slow build intro with some nice guitar lead work building to what feels like an inevitable detonation when the title track kicks in. Classy melodic leads couple with solid riffing to create a memorable mix. There’s dashes of old school Sepultura in there every so often as well, but most prevalent is this infectious enthusiasm that pervades every song and each riff. The slow, lurching start of ‘Demolisher’ is instantly flattened by a seriously fast riff and a rasping vocal performance that brings to mind Sodom. If you’d told me this was a long lost 80s thrash demo unearthed for the first time, I’d have believed you. Surtur’s sound is so authentic.

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to music from this area of the Earth. Indian metal is going from strength to strength, and it would appear that it is spreading. Bangladesh should be proud of these boys, because their brand of thrash is raw but remarkably self assured. The maturity of songwriting in tracks like ‘Maggot Filled Brain’ is reminscient of a young Megadeth, and Surtur should be proud of what they’ve done here. Contact the band for a CD!

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