Review: Fallen Angels – World in Decay

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Reviews
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Fallen Angels - World in Decay

Seattle thrashers Fallen Angels have combined almost every single thrash band you could name into one new record of killer riffs. ‘World in Decay’ was released back in August but I’ve just managed to catch up with it in the past few days. It also has a very badass cover too!

‘The Hammer’s Blow’ opens us with a prime slice of Bay Area worship, all wailing solos and galloping riffs. The guitar work is stellar, and the vocal hooks will dig into you and not let go. ‘Nightmare’ is possessed of a fearsome chug, and Fallen Angels partner that with some great melodic verses and a refreshing rabidity. Their intricate lead work and technical arrangements almost reminds you of Metallica, but with the energy and fury of a much younger band. Fallen Angels need to be hungry to survive in the world of modern thrash, and ‘World in Decay’ is probably the best statement they can make.

The stomp of ‘Leading the Blind’ shows that Fallen Angels are just as good at half speed as well as full tilt. It’s an ironic fact that thrash, based entirely on the premise of speed, is full of bands who excel at slower pace as well. ‘Fire at Eden’s Gate’ comes out of starting blocks as an almost Spanish influenced acoustic piece, with an epic thrash chorus and some big crowd pleasing riffs. The classic thrash gallop of ‘Mortis Ex Machina’ is also a sure fire favourite for the pit hoards as well.

Fallen Angels tick all the boxes you need for a great modern thrash act. Heavenly melodies with hellish groove, catchy choruses and intricate thrash solos. If you hanker for some proper Bay Area thrash, and can get over the grand irony of Seattle thrash being the next big thing, Fallen Angels are one of the best things you’ll hear all year.


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