Review: Abyssus – Into the Abyss

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Reviews
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Memento Mori has sucked another quality death metal band from the darkness this year, following on from so many good releases in the past 12 months. This time they have unearthed Abyssus from Greece, whose debut full length takes cues from Floridian legends.

The most obvious reference point here is Obituary, with the rabid title track being a song that feels like a missing track from ‘Slowly We Rot’. Hefty doses of classic Florida death metal like Deicide or the aforementioned Obituary is always a good thing, and Abyssus have it in spades. Their death metal is quite thrashy in its execution, and feels very traditional in the wake of some of the more “old school” stuff I’ve heard recently. ‘Across the Fields of Death’ is rapid fire riffing, while the gloomy start to ‘Echoes of Desolation’ is a throwback to eerie 90s death metal, complete with howling solo.

The ferocity of tracks like ‘Those of the Unholy’ and particularly the punchy ‘Revenge’ is infectious; both insisting on a furious headbanging session which doesn’t stop until you hit the final track. ‘Visions of Eternal Pain’ showcases Abyssus at both their fastest and their heaviest moments. The riffs are never too technical, nor are is the drumming overwhelming in the face of the other instrumentation. The balance of the songs is totally spot on.

‘Into the Abyss’ is an album for all those people who bemoan modern death metal to be either tech death chaos or sludgy Autopsy worship. This is death metal for people who remember when it was just extreme thrash. Abyssus reference all the greats, from early Death and Massacre to Obituary with Tardy-esque vocalist Kostas Analytis. ‘Into the Abyss’ is a refreshingly different and thoroughly kickass death metal record for both the early 90s and today. I love it!


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