Review: Hautajaisyö – Hautajaisyö

Posted: November 11, 2015 in Reviews
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Finnish for Funeral Night, Hautajaisyo have an interesting take on death metal. Purportedly focusing on the more melancholic stylings of bands like early Paradise Lost coupled with the crush of Bolt Thrower, Hautajaisyo’s full length self titled has just come out on Inverse Records, and is nine tracks of promising brutality.

Opener ‘Jokainen Kuolee Vuorollaan’ is classic old school style death metal, that rages forward crushing everything in its wake. It slows down to a threatening chug, before the more melodic ‘Päänsärkijä’ erupts with a high tempo melodeath attack. It has some cool melodic sections, as does the thrashier ‘Minä Olen Vain Puu’. The brooding ‘Aamulla Vainaa’ is where the gloom starts to infect the band’s solid death metal foundation. The pagan metal stylings of parts of ‘Köysi’ again conjures up a more melancholic feel, as does the wistful intro to ‘Tämän Vainajan Tähden’. The final track is a strong contender for song of the record too, with its skillful blending of epic pagan sweep and brutal death metal crush.

For all the ‘melancholic death metal’ themes put forward by the label promo kit, Hautajaisyö’s debut is rather more like a solid melodic death metal record than anything that matches up with Paradise Lost or the like. ‘Hautajaisyö’ is a varied death metal record with touches of melodeath, epic doomy parts and good old fashioned death metal at its core. While not really matching up musically to the description, Hautajaisyo is actually a pleasant surprise. Their metal is interesting, memorable and heavy. What else do you need?!


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