Review: Diavolos – You Lived, Now Die

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Reviews
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Diavolos - You Lived Now Die

Diavolos is old school. Not in the stupid hipsterish way, in the ‘fuck modern music, I’m going to play the kind of music I liked in the eighties and fuck anyone who complains’ way. Which it turns out is remarkably refreshing! Formed by former members of Impaled Nazarene and Electric Wizard, Diavolos channel vintage Possessed and early Death on ‘You Lived, Now Die’, a debut that makes a hell of a racket.

‘Diavolos Rising’ opens with a vintage speed metal riff that melds into early Slayer wrestling with Venom. This is from a time where thrash, black and death metals were barely defined, where they all melded together into a pot of bubbling extremity. There’s dashes of Mantas-era Death, and even early Bathory, and tracks like ‘Come to Salem’ thrash like Exciter. All these classic bands have their own influences on Diavolos, but Diavolos combine them into a fierce, angry proto-death metal album.

It’s hard to pick out standout tracks here, as one; they all sound similar, and two; they all sound awesome. But I think the ragged ‘Hail All Evil’ or the excellently titled ‘Baptized in Vomit’ are probably up there as the best. What is most excellent is when the odd classic heavy metal riff appears within the blackened thrash framework. The Satan’s Wrath influences from Tas Danazaglou seem to be the cause of this, such is the galloping Maidenisms of the title track’s awesome intro riff.

‘You Lived, Now Die’ is very much typical of Hell’s Headbangers releases; raw, dark and fucking awesome. Diavolos have exploded out of Greece with a ripping debut, and you’d do well to get yourself a copy. Thirty years after this style of metal branched out into countless subgenres, ‘You Lived, Now Die’ proves that the original kills just as hard.


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