Review: Putrevore – Tentacles of Horror

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Reviews
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Putrevore - Tentacles of Horror

Despite sounding like the title of some strange Japanese hentai horror movie, Putrevore’s ‘Tentacles of Horror’ is much more scything death metal than Asian fetish gore. Thankfully. Yet another one of Rogga Johansson’s multi million projects, this time with Avulsed’s Dave Rotten, Putrevore’s third full length is almost exactly as you’d expect from two men who know their shit inside and out.

Eight songs of pure, rotten death metal are contained under ‘Tentacles of Horror’s ominous album cover. ‘These Caverns Breed Filth’ is a relentless opener that vomits bile and riffs from the depths of hell. It is exactly what you want from primal death metal like this, with unholy vocals provided by Dave Rotten. Each screaming harmonic, every blood soaked riff is simplistic in execution, yet deadly effective. The bulldozing ‘Unspeakable Madness Beckons’ is laden with crushing doomy passages that just add even more weight to the supreme heaviness within.

Each song is a bludgeoning ode to classic death metal, from the Autopsy-esque crawl of death/doom to the battering rage of ”Gable Window Portal Pt.II’. Johansson and Rotten are a potent writing team, as each song has its own individuality whilst fitting together comfortably as part of a brutal whole. Rotten’s vocals are guttural but reasonably decipherable at points, never losing their potency.

While ‘Tentacles of Horror’ may not revolutionise the genre, it is a great record, full to the brim with achingly heavy riffs and window-rattling vocals. My favourite track is probably ‘Hyperborean Dreams’ but the rough ‘A Maw Surrounded by Tentacles’ pushes it close. Yet another instant classic from Rogga.


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