Review: Sibiir – Swallow and Trap Them

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Reviews
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Norwegian blackened hardcore types Sibiir are a frankly raging proposition. Their two track vinyl release ‘Swallow and Trap Them’ is a flailing slice of crusty blackened goodness, with a hefty dose of Converge-esque hardcore thrown in there. Definitely for fans of the more recent Southern Lord releases.

Opener ‘Swallow and Trap Them’ screams and bursts from your speakers, igniting a fire within you. It’s violent, harsh but with a soaring, almost Cascadian black metal atmosphere lurking behind it, particularly towards the midsection and end of the song. ‘These Rats We Deny’ features a more prominent black metal style, with its thunderous rising intro riffing leading into a dissonant, jagged piece of vitriolic hardcore.

Sibiir look to be a seriously hot prospect for the future, and if ‘Swallow and Trap Them’ is anything to go by, their full length record could be something very special indeed. For a first two tracks, Sibiir have coalesced their rage and darkness into something remarkably cohesive and it retains a rather bleak beauty about it.


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