Review: Necropsy – Buried in the Woods

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Reviews
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Necropsy - Buried in the Woods

Moving on from their debut record, ‘Bloodwork’, ‘Buried in the Woods’ is four years of evolution and progressions in Necropsy’s sound. PSYCH! Is it fuck? What it is, is a solid, hard as nails death metal album that takes no prisoners and bulldozes those listening into submission, much like ‘Bloodwork’ did. Taking cues from their American death metal cousins rather than the buzzing Swedeath of next door, these Finns have crafted their style since the early 90s, and this record shows it.

Bludgeoning their way through eight tracks in a little over half an hour, Necropsy are possessed of this unholy chug that gives their brand of death metal a dense, thick power underpinning each song. Take the strangely titled ‘Cold Fart Morbidity’ as an example. The low end is brutally heavy here, before the song roars off at a higher speed. The underlying chug is key to the brutality, and savage guitar riffs fill every song. Those who will wait loyally for a new Bolt Thrower record could do a lot worse than ‘Buried in the Woods’, and the British legends cast a long dark shadow over this release.

It’s easy to go along with the ‘old school’ death metal card when it comes to bands like Necropsy, who have been around in some form or another for the best part of 30 years (including a 14 year hiatus), but Necropsy are more than just a hanger on to the trend. The band play death metal in the vein of legends like Autopsy and Cannibal Corpse, and while the songs may not win originality awards, their execution is top notch and they still manage to riff very hard. They can effortlessly switch between thrashy riffs and a crushing, steamroller and it’s this talent that truly sells them to me.

Tracks like the bludgeoning ‘Full Moon Catlin’ and the doomy destruction of ‘Father Heresy’ gives ‘Buried in the Woods’ a boost into one of my more regularly spun records this year. They’ll have to fight with Shrapnel Storm as my Bolt Thrower tribute of 2015, but with riffs this good, it’ll be hard to top.


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