Review: Fuck the Facts – Desire Will Rot

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Reviews
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Canadian grindcore legends have released ‘Desire Will Rot’, their eight full length in a discography littered with splits. Their caustic brand of aural violence has always found a big fan in myself, being a lover of ‘Stigmata High Five’ and ‘Disgorge Mexico’. I’ve been looking forward to this coming out, and I haven’t been disappointed.

‘Desire Will Rot’, while retaining the band’s speed based attack, has some significantly heavy slower paced sections that chug like a motherfucker. Take opener ‘Everywhere Yet Nowhere’, that has this steamroller death groove riff, before the rabid ‘Shadows Collide’ explodes in a shrapnel storm of grinding carnage. The rumbling ‘The Path of Most Resistance’ has this killer swagger about it, while vocalist Mel Mongeon shrieks and rages with all her might. ‘Desire Will Rot’ is a stunning example of what modern grind can be. While we await a new Rotten Sound record with baited breath, take Fuck the Facts under consideration as being a worthy replacement. They infuse their brand of grind with a fascinating variety, from waspish violence to a lurching hardcore stomp, and remain totally engagable.

Other highlights include the solotastic ‘La Mort I’ and its crushing partner piece that compliment each other well, the scathing fury of ‘Storm of Silence’ and the rumbling deathgrind of ‘Prey’. ‘False Hope’ has a vast, expansive section that opens up with melodic lead guitar and a rasping howl. It sounds like no other grindcore band you’ll have ever heard. It’s almost jarringly unexpected, but in a good way. ‘Desire Will Rot’ has ambition in spades, and the band have the talents to create their vision. The chilling dark ambience of ‘Circle’, that builds pressure and intent up until a cathartic release is made, is my own particular highlight.

‘Desire Will Rot’, as with all good grindcore albums, finishes well before you’re ready for it to end. Repeated listens will sate your needs, but Fuck the Facts continue to prove that they are among the cutting edge artists in this genre. It’s not all about speed and break neck violence. It’s about crafting an album that personifies who they are, and establishes how good a group of song writers they are.


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