Review: Cemetary Lust – Screams of the Violated

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Reviews
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Cemetery Lust - Screams of the Violated

Portland, Oregon is home to some of the world’s finest breweries, and also this collection of blackened thrash belching heathens, Cemetary Lust. ‘Screams of the Violated’ is a reissue of their cult debut from 2012, and is half an hour of unbridled violence coming from Hell’s Headbangers!

‘Throw the Switch’ kicks off the record in a high gear. This is rampant, thrashing blackened metal that takes no prisoners and barely lets you catch your breath. It is invigorating, and is very much like early Slayer in its ferocity. ‘Perverted Aggressor’ has a chunkier edge, and has a bit of Sodom about it too. Too often bands like this reference Sodom, Hellhammer, Sarcofago etc without adding their own personality to it. Cemetary Lust have got personality in spades, almost like if Municipal Waste had listened to Marduk records.

‘Sexual Maniac’ has some killer riffs and a satisfying heavy low end to keep their sound thick and warm. ‘Resurrected Whore’ rages like the spirit of 80s Bay Area thrash reborn, with a maddeningly fast solo to boot. I love that Cemetary Lust aren’t just another throwaway blackened thrash band. Their black metal parts are more about creating that ‘more evil than thou’ atmosphere while letting their obvious thrash chops run riot. ‘Black Angels of Hell’ is brutality through and through, and the uber headbanger ‘Night of the Creep’ is a great way to round us off. ‘Screams of the Violated’ is a killer thrash record with just enough evil to appeal all but the blackest of hearts. Fuck yeah!

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