Review: Carnivorous Voracity – The Impious Doctrine

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Reviews
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Carnivorous Voracity - The Impious Doctrine

Japanese label Amputated Vein have done it again, scouring the globe for the kind of skin-flaying brutality that will violently rip at your particular scratch. Spanish death dealers Carnivorous Voracity are unleashing their debut full length after 2011’s ‘Debasement Incarnated’ EP, and ‘The Impious Doctrine’ is pure brutal death at its finest.

First track proper, after a cool intro track, is ‘Epiphanies of Perverse Egocentrism’, and is punishingly heavy in the vein of Devourment or Defeated Sanity. Double kick pound mercilessly against your skull, while chugging riffs lay waste to your mental faculties. Vocally this switches between an unintelligible grunt to a heavy growl. ‘Steeped in Magnanimity’ has a insanely heavy breakdown that would end most deathcore bands instantly. ‘The Impious Doctrine’ barely pauses for breath, battering you into submission with a succession of brutally heavy death metal songs.

It isn’t for everyone, but brutal death metal can be dynamic and interesting when done right. Carnivorous Voracity do it right; with just enough spiralling guitar lines over the crush, breakdowns that don’t overstay their welcome and even shows of restraint with the vocal interplay is key to keeping something fresh. ‘The Impious Doctrine’ isn’t revolutionary in any way, but what it is a perfect example of how powerful brutal death metal can truly be. Feel the intensity of the rampant ‘Secularise’, or the inhuman savagery of ‘Serpent’s Nest’ to truly appreciate how good this band are.


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