Review: Torture Chamber – Qayin

Posted: October 26, 2015 in Reviews
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Torture Chamber - Qayin

‘Qayin’ is the Hebrew version of Cain, and it means ‘spear’. This record is like a spear, a blackened, rusted spike driven straight into your ears by pure evil. Torture Chamber are broken up now, and this EP came out last summer, and I’ve only just gotten around hearing this, which is sad news but it means that another band has left us with a stellar closing fuck you statement.

‘Qayin’ opens with the flailing, rampant hatred of ‘Defining the Throne’, all razor raw riffing and demon-in-a-wind-tunnel roars. It’s followed by the almost Mardukian intensity of ‘The Blood of Angels’, but coated in a horrible atmosphere of filth and decay. The drumming is pretty muffled, but it actually adds a bit of depth to the music, like the thud of the damned on the walls of hell. Howling rasps match up perfectly with the tremolo melodies. ‘One Thousand Plagues’ comes at you with gloomy acoustics to begin, destroyed almost immediately by raging black metal.

All four tracks are so suffocatingly dark and dense that when rare glimpses of melody appear, they are sucked away from you in a furious maelstorm. There’s dashes of Wolves in the Throne Room in Torture Chamber’s longer sections, but more dissonant and murkier. ‘Drowning in the Blood of Vermin’ closes the EP off with a relentless assault of black metal, coupled with some delicate acoustic moments to provide a stark contrast. I can’t begin to explain to you how gutted I am to find out that Torture Chamber are no more now I’ve discovered them! If you can get your hands on ‘Qayin’, you’ll find a band that blow a lot of underground black metal out of the water.


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