Review: Tales of the Tomb – Volume One: Morpras

Posted: October 26, 2015 in Reviews
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Tales of the Tomb: Volume One: Morpras

Edmonton, Canada’s Tales of the Tomb have only been around for about a year, but their debut EP, due to be released in November, is a pretty impressive slab of death metal, shot through with some epic Scandanavian melodies. Three tracks and ten minutes of material flies by so quickly! With that cover, you’re almost expecting some kind of pig squealing, breakdown laden deathcore mediocrity, but thankfully that’s not the case

‘Snowtown’ is a graceful, melodic cut that rages like prime Swedish melodeath, but at a slower pace than the usual. The insertion of a clean vocal part keeps things interesting, and the song itself is pretty solid, and admittedly very catchy. ‘The Pig Farmer’ is a lot faster, blasting some deathgrind, bug eyed ferocity, with nods to Carcass circa ‘Necroticism …’. Final track ‘Dr Death’ couples nice lead guitar work with a propulsive drumming performance, and a frankly gorgeous melodic solo that takes this EP a cut above your standard.

Tales of the Tomb have got a lot of potential, and this EP is a great start for a band I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on in the near future!


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