Review: Obsidian – Time Erodes

Posted: October 26, 2015 in Reviews
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Time Erodes cover art

Multinational progressive death metal band Obsidian, currently based in Vancouver, have unleashed their debut record, ‘Time Erodes’, earlier this year, and it’s a release I must say slipped me by entirely. It’s a shame because now I’ve got it on, it’s a quality piece of modern extremity.

When you hear the term ‘progressive death metal’, your mind is immediately drawn to old Opeth. Obsidian is a totally different kettle of fish to that, having neither the stunning songwriting nor grace of Opeth. What Obsidian do, and do very well however, is solid death metal with interesting time changes and riff variety. The juddering ‘Revolution Dead’ is a good example. Refreshing as well is the shorter song lengths. Some bands try to put in too much, where Obsidian wisely trim the fat and leave only the essential. The Pantera-esque groove that opens ‘Free Me’ is fucking righteous too.

The chugging ‘My War’ is killer, and so is the rampant ‘Downfall’. ‘Time Erodes’ is a record that keeps your attention all the way through, and while never disappearing off into too progressive territory, still retains enough of an adventurous spirit to make it a worthwhile listen. The ponderous ‘YVR (Rain City)’ provides a welcome interlude before the vicious ‘Broken and Defeated’ sends my head banging. Obsidian show promise, but where they go from here is what will make their journey interesting. They need to accentuate the different songs a bit more, as they all follow a similar vein. But they;ve got the riffs, and they’ve got ample brutality. Let’s keep an eye on these guys.


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