Review: Adjust – War?

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Reviews
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Greek heavy rockers Adjust have been around in various guises since 2002, but debut ‘War?’ sees them refine their stoner rock tendencies into something a bit more complete. Their website and Facebook is entirely in Greek so it takes a bit of translating, but the band’s music speaks very clearly!

‘War?’ is an uber melodic and direct slab of stoner rock. Opener ’04’ and second track ‘Something Inside’ both rock this righteous groove that doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, but it’s undeniably catchy. The title track has some nice little guitar parts, along with the desert slow burn of ‘Disease’. Adjust haven’t quite got that hazy atmosphere that all great stoner bands do, but they have some memorable songs with some good riffs. There’s little in the way of dynamics; each song follows a similar style, but that’s not always a bad thing. We all started with rock, and this record rocks hard.

On ‘War?’, Adjust set out their stall and now they need to build on the good work they’ve put in. Songs like the jagged sleazy groove that stutters underneath the female vocal in ‘Burn Myself’ is something unique, and its these kind of things that Adjust should work on if they want to succeed in this genre. With riffs like those opening the propulsive ‘Deeper’, there’s definitely hope


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