Review: Avulsed – Altar of Disembowelment

Posted: October 7, 2015 in Reviews
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Spanish death metal legends Avulsed have been going for what seems like forever, cranking out solid death metal releases with no great fanfare or applause. Which is a shame really, because a band like Avulsed are perfect for those moments when only pure death will do. Their latest EP, ‘Altar of Disembowelment’ is out now on Xtreem Music.

Opener ‘To Sacrifice and Devour’ has a sickeningly heavy guitar tone that instantly flattens your mind. A brutal groove envelops you, while the deathly growl rattles every bone in your body. This is as heavy and as destructive a death metal release as you’ll hear all year. When Avulsed take the foot off the gas, the earth quakes under the pressure, with an almost melodic lead guitar break appearing a few times. ‘Red Viscera Serology’ is possessed of another bloodsoaked groove that is just sublime.

The rumbling ‘Ceremony of Impalement’ has its own vicious moments, but also cranks out one of the more melodic moments on the record. There are a number of these, and while you may think the band are going a little soft, they actually work really well, and for me show a band that is capable of enhancing their music with melody, rather than shoehorning it in pointlessly. ‘Tremble in the Darkness’ brings to mind Coffins at their most accessible, while the brutal cover of ‘Neon Knights’ is inspired, if almost unrecognisable. Proof that Iommi writes heavier than anyone.

‘Altar of Disembowelment’ is a rock solid EP with some cracking death metal brutality on it. Reliable and enjoyable, Avulsed have proven themselves to be one of the surest bets in death metal. Turn it up and bang your fucking skull.


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