Review: Abysmal Lord – Disciples of the Inferno

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Reviews
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Abysmal Lord - Disciples of the Inferno

However famous the great southern city of New Orleans has become in metal circles for bringing us some of sludge’s most violent sons, there is obviously something in the water of the mighty Mississippi that produces such poisonous and caustic bands. Abysmal Lord’s debut release, the scorching ‘Disciples of the Inferno’, is out in November on Hell’s Headbangers, and it looks to be an instant classic.

Take tracks like ‘Sabbat’ or the hellish ‘Temple of Perversion’. The riffs are designed to inflict maximum damage, while the tinpot drumming rages upon you like a violent torrent. Vomiting vocals of rasping blasphemies cascade upon you, conjuring images of unholy possession. Like a lot of Hell’s Headbangers’ stuff, Abysmal Lord inhabit the primal end of the metal spectrum; intent of producing the rawest, harshest metal they can. ‘Disciples of the Inferno’ can definitely qualify for that.

It’s not all rabid blackened death battering however, although that is the majority of it. There are the odd changes of tempo that work well, like the slower section of ‘Sabbat’, or the gloomy ambience that leads you into ‘Golgotha Crucifixition’. However, you’re mainly looking at unstoppable, battering black metal with a raw death metal heart. Abysmal Lord bring new highs (lows?) to the hellish maelstorm that is this kind of metal, putting together an album that is almost startlingly vicious, like the frightening burst of ‘Immortalis Impietas’.

As debut records go, you’d be hard pushed to find anything as raw and rabid as this out this year. Abysmal Lord are the new lord of evil noise, and the throne of Black Witchery or Bestial Mockery is in trouble.


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