Review: King Leviathan – The Shrine

Posted: October 3, 2015 in Reviews
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King Leviathan - The Shrine

Brighton thrashers King Leviathan have released their EP ‘The Shrine’ this year, and it is six tracks of riffing goodness, encapsulating all that is good and varied about underground metal.

After the short intro, first track proper ‘Wormwood’ is a chunky, thrash riff dealing machine that crushes and thrills in equal measure. Vocalist Adam Sedgwick pulls both deep growling and clean vocal interplay off brilliantly. His clean vocals has a touch of Matt Barlow about them, and it’s perfectly complemented by some great melodic guitar work. The soaring rage of ‘Born of the Blackest Hearts’, with its simply killer solo is a perfect example of everything King Leviathan do right. It’s catchy, it’s heavy, and it’s excellent.

‘The Shrine’ is a remarkably mature offering from a band that has only been together for about a year and a half. The song writing is tight, the guitar work is solid and the band have some great riffs. The problem in this oversaturated world of metal is that almost every riff has been done to death, so now it is up to bands to rearrange them in new and interesting ways. King Leviathan do that, and the excellent clean vocal sections set them aside from other run of the mill thrash bands. ‘Madness Made Divine’ has some great soloing, while the title track rips like modern Kreator clashing with vintage Iced Earth. Killer riffs, thrilling vocal hooks and a healthy dose of enthusiasm makes them alright in my book. Find and support!


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