Review: Vantablack Warship – S/T

Posted: October 2, 2015 in Reviews
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Now, I have no idea what a Vantablack Warship is, but it does sound like something that might appear in Warhammer 40K. The band Vantablack Warship hail from Montreal, and play a remarkably catchy brand of rocking deaththrash. This is their debut, self titled EP, available from the 9th of October.

Opener ‘You’ll Burn for This’ is a bouncy number with some cool riff patterns and a solid if uninspired backbone of drumming and bass. ‘The Pit’ is a chugging beast, with some obvious Exodusisms in places. While Vantablack Warship don’t really come up with anything overly new or exciting, their particular brand of thrash is chunky, memorable and the riffs are tight as fuck. ‘The 99%’ feels very punky, almost crossover in parts.

‘Irreversible Kill’ has some glorious guitar work that has my head nodding from the get go, but a killer solo would’ve been nice. The strangely titled ‘From Silents to Haunting Possessions’ is another solid thrasher, and closer ‘Fucked Machine’ is a catchy number that develops into a monstrous, crushing beast. I think Vantablack Warship have got potential to write some great music, and their debut EP is solid but ultimately they’ll need to work on their stuff to get noticed. I hope they do, because there’s definitely room for a band with Vantablack Warship’s riff potential, particular the stuff shown in ‘Fucked Machine’.


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