Review: Ruin – Spread Plague Hell (EP)

Posted: October 2, 2015 in Reviews
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A deep underground death metal band, featuring members of bigger bands whose exact identities are shrouded in mystery? Ruin are indeed an interesting proposition, and their four track tape release ‘Spread Plague Hell’ is one of 2015’s darkest, most hellish spewings.

Opener ‘Perverted Lunacy’ opens with eerie choral vocals, almost Gregorian chant like before a filth dredging riff annihilates everything. This is SO dark and dense, suffocating in its intensity and inexorably heavy. The torturous thrash of ‘Massacre of Flesh and Bone’ breaks into murderous chugging, coupled with an unholy vocal performance that lends itself perfectly with the music. More rumbling death/doom comes in the crawling ‘And Soon the Darkness’.

Ruin bring to mind the evil trudge of Coffins, or the morbid crush of vintage Autopsy mashed into Incantation’s murky atmospherics. ‘Spread Plague Hell’ is a devastating beast, like the watcher in the dark, unfathomable and infinite. Their primitive rumblings are suffocating and intense, and will leave you emotionally drained, but hungry for more.


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