Review: Il Vuoto – Weakness

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Reviews
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In the interest of full disclosure; I’ve always found everything that Teo from Chiral has created musically to be very pleasurable to my ears. Plus he’s my mate, so I WANT Il Vuoto to be good. But funeral doom is one of those things that needs to be just right to get me involved. And I respect him and his work too much to give some bullshit positive review if it’s not what I really think.

First impressions are that ‘Weakness’ is a truly bleak and miserable offering. I suppose you’d expect that from funeral doom, but this revels in its primal, depressive murk. Opener ‘And Night Devours Me’ lurks behind a hooting owl and a ghostly piano, before a mournful guitar takes us forward. The atmosphere is cloying, choking, and oh so very dark. Rasping vocals emanate from the gloom, while jarring guitar cuts you to the bones. ‘Weakness’ is a harrowing experience, from the caustic ‘The Harvest’ through the rending misery of ‘Sea of Emptiness’. Teo’s experiences with atmospheric black metal really help him create something truly misanthropic and ugly here.

What makes this nightmarish apparition even more effective is the calming, tranquillity of the acoustic passages, where frail humanity shows itself through eerie piano and delicate violin, as in ‘And the Night Took Her’. ‘Through Mirrors I Saw the Ghost of Me’ has this distorted ethereality about it, like deathly angels singing, and ”I, Essence of Nothingness’ mixes all the finer elements of the previous tracks into a gloomy masterpiece of melancholy.

‘Weakness’ is a bleakly poignant, deeply affecting piece of music. A pure conveyance of misery and desolation, Il Vuoto look to be another success for one of Italy’s finest secrets. Beware those without a strong will however, as ‘Weakness’ may permanently scar you.



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