Review: Into Darkness – Sinister Demise

Posted: September 28, 2015 in Reviews
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Into Darkness - Sinister Demise

German death metallers Into Darkness have been going for 20 years now, and even though I’ve never heard of them, they have been flying the traditional death metal flag for two decades now. But ‘Sinister Demise’ is only their third full length, and their first in thirteen years, so its been a long time coming.

First off, their cover art is a stunning painting by Joe Petagno, who has also done stuff for Vader and Autopsy. After the obligatory intro, you’re hit full on by ‘Left Behind’, a rabid death metal frenzy that brings to mind the likes of Monstrosity or the savage roar of early Immolation. The riffs run the gauntlet of thrashing speed to an uneasy, swaying crawl. ‘Manifesto’ chugs with an off kilter groove, while ‘Throne of a Thousand Miseries’ is a total beast. There’s definitely hints of some Immolation or Gorguts in the atonal melodies that seep through the evil darkness.

The title track is a relentless beating of a song, and like so many of the others, is possessed by excellent song writing. There’s no overdoing each element of Into Darkness’ sound; the drums nor the vocals dominate over the riffs, but neither are lost. ‘Suspended Insanity’ is skull rattlingly heavy, and is a great example of how the band’s vocals are brutal yet still decipherable. Closing with the one two combo of devastation, ‘Spiritual Remains’ and ‘Suffering a Reality’, Into Darkness have crafted a death metal album to be proud of. It riffs like a motherfucker, and sends weaker bands running for come. Into darkness we go!

  1. SEB says:

    Great work! Thanks for the awesome Review!

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