Review: Abandoned Dreams – Home

Posted: September 25, 2015 in Reviews
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German doomsters Abandoned Dreams have unleashed their newest EP, ‘Home’, following up from 2013’s ‘Isolation and Solitude’. Twenty five minutes of crush and heft await you when you spin this record, and it’s pretty good.

Opening with ‘Home’, you are led along this melancholic journey through shimmering riffs and an innate sense of melody. Somewhat gloomy, yet not unbearably miserably, ‘Home’ is an introspective opener that has more in common with atmospheric black metal almost than traditional doom. ‘Keep the Lights Burning’ is decidedly heavier, but with some classy quieter moments that add a grace that a lot of metal sorely lacks these days. The vocals are harsh in parts, and ghostly and clean in others, again adding a nice variety. Abandoned Dreams have supported bands like Agalloch and Fen, and you can see where their influence has rubbed off, ‘Home’ becomes this joyous ode to gloom.

Closing with the brooding ‘Embrace’, this is a deceptive record, required multiple listens to truly unlock each track’s potential, but invest the effort and you will be greatly rewarded. A thoroughly absorbing, intelligent and downright excellent record


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