Review: Nox Aeternum – Incipiunt Oblivionem

Posted: September 22, 2015 in Reviews
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Nox Aeternum - Incipiunt Oblivionem

Pittsburgh native Nox Aeternum follow up their debut full length ‘In Girum Imus Nocte Et Comsumimur Igni’ with new EP, ‘Incipiunt Oblivionem’. Equally obtuse names, but their ghostly melodic black metal does wonders for the ears. I first came across Nox Aeternum after I heard one of their tracks on the first Sixsixsix Music compilation, ‘Helvete Confederacy of Hatred’.

After an opening intro that throbs with menace while gentle synth plays the melody, we are thrust directly into ‘Drawn Through the Lungs of Aeons’, which explodes into a burning cacophony of blastbeats and thrashing black metal riffage. The inferno of riffs is broken by some delicate acoustic moments, and Nox Aeternum appear to understood the concept of the shades of grey, rather than ‘black and white’. ‘Drawn Through the Lungs of Aeons’ showcases Nox Aeternum that it isn’t always about one dimensionally thrashing on without any direction, especially considering the nice guitar leads that lead us through the final few minutes.

‘Elevate My Haze of Damnation’ is the multifaceted, ten minute closer, that opens with soft clean guitar before the distortion appears. This is a lot more atmospheric and has some incredibly evocative lead guitar. It is haunting, and shows how emotional black metal can be, invigorating and energising. Nox Aeternum are a hell of an underground secret, but with material as strong as this, they won’t be a secret for long.


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