Review: Inhuman Depravity – Nocturnal Carnage by the Desecrator

Posted: September 22, 2015 in Reviews
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Turkish brutality merchants Inhuman Depravity formed in late 2013, and ‘Nocturnal Carnage by the Unholy Desecrator’ marks their debut full length, which has totally badass cover artwork. Inside the artwork, is a throbbing, barely contained death metal beast ready to lunge out and destroy.

Opening track ‘Exhuming the Creator for Own Expediency’, which has a brilliant American Psycho sample, rages like the bastard offspring of Suffocation and Incantation. It has that same suffocating brutality, while ‘Dismembered and Buried Instincts’ rages like a fiery inferno. There’s blasting and technical guitar wizardry ala Origin, but Inhuman Depravity still make time for that brutal chug that enhances every death metal record.

‘Condemned to Monotheistics’ is a relentless barrage of death metal, with the jarring Immolation-esque ‘Rise of Vengeance by Bloody Torment’ right behind. Vocally you’re looking at guttural, inhuman growls and grunts, and thankfully the band restrain themselves from pig squealing  which is, frankly, getting a bit tiresome. Like the hellish monsters that adorn the cover, Inhuman Depravity have got some evil intentions. It’s neck snappingly good.

‘Nocturnal Carnage by the Unholy Desecrator’ is a solid if slightly repetitive death metal record. Don’t get me worng, the riffing is spot on, the songs are devastatingly heavy and brutal, but they are all a little bit samey. Nothing wrong with that on a debut, but if Inhuman Depravity could beef up on the variety, they could be something brilliant.


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