Review: Thy Demise – Prepare for Despair

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Reviews
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YES! FUCKING YES! This is what I’m talking about. Thy Demise are a Cumbrian death metal band that riff like the reanimated corpse of every death metal band that never made it. Their new three track debut is out now on their Bandcamp for name your price, and it’s frankly amazing that music this good can be free!

Opener ‘Head on a Spike’ has this bulldozing Bolt Thrower riff that just annihilates everything it comes across. This unstoppable force is broken only by a wailing solo, and the guttural growls enhance the sheer brutality. ‘Own’ is more of the same, dense rumble that causes buildings to shake and the earth to rupture. In the past few days since the untimely death of Martin Kearns of Bolt Thrower, I’ve been listening to them a lot. Thy Demise are cut from the same cloth. Their brand of death metal is all about the density, the heaviness, the crushing brutality of it all. There is little care for breakneck speed, breakdowns or melodic savagery. ‘Prepare for Despair’ quite simply is here to destroy with a slow but crushing inevitability.

Closing with the exquisite thunder of ‘Eviscerated Female Form’, Thy Demise build on the excellent demo from last year and have crafted three death metal songs that are almost exemplary in their heaviness. This is how death metal should be, and its a fitting tribute to the nation’s greats. Maybe the cannons haven’t faded after all…


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