Review: NEX – Totalitarian Leader (EP)

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Reviews
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Totalitarian Leader cover art

NEX are Polish and play death metal. Now, they have some pretty big competition in that genre from their countrymen in Vader, Hate, Decapitated etc. So their three track EP ‘Totalitarian Leader’ will have to be pretty impressive immediately to keep them in the game.

Thankfully it is. Opener ‘Nex’ is a raging cocktail of blastbeats, savage growls and ripping riffs. It isn’t overly technical, neither is it ‘old school’. It just slays with whirlwind blasting and heavy as fuck riffs. ‘Ten Tables of Faith’ is a bit more like Decapitated, but with a primal power that is accentuated by the insane, machine gun blasting. NEX also use some cool, almost melodic clean guitar in parts to mix things up a bit.

‘Slaves in the Name of Law’ closes the EP out with some jagged, precise riffing and another relentless drumming performance. It truly is devastating, Poland must be nirvana for brutal drummers. The band even manages to sneak in some more clean guitar melodies in here too, adding some respite. It’s a very impressive start for NEX, and hopefully what is yet to come is even better.


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