Review: [Evertrapped] – Under the Deep

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Reviews
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Montreal melodeath mob [Evertrapped] are unleashing their newest record ‘Under the Deep’ in October, and they’re bringing to you a particularly vicious melodic death metal attack, bringing to mind bands like Soilwork but also referencing Lamb of God and others in the NWOAHM.

‘Arise form the Ashes’ is a harsh tribute to Lamb of God, with the Randy Blythe-esque vocals and the raging chug prevalent. However, this isn’t all just copycatting. [Evertrapped] hold their own with some excellent melodic leads, and keep a level of brutality that a lot of melodeath lose as soon as the clean vocals kick in. The mildly progressive touches in ‘Underneath the Deep’ serve only to bolster my feelings about how this is a band that can be different. There isn’t any of your radio friendly stuff here, only pure raging death metal filtered through some classy melodic guitarwork.

The songs are all over five minutes each, but they don’t feel as long, with many great riff patterns and some killer drumming. The band sound totally slick and professional, and the production is spot on too. There’s a number of great songs here, but you can pick out ‘Palace of Injustice’ and ‘Lethal District’ as two of my particular favourites. This is balls out pure fucking metal that increases the urge to bang your head and raise your fists. From roaring vocals through spiralling solos and chugging, thrashy riffs, [Evertrapped] know how to slay and slay hard.


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