Review: You’re Next – Self Titled EP

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Demo Review
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While not the most inspiring name for a band, Middlesborough groove metallers You’re Next at least have the decency to create some heavy riffs on their debut, self titled EP. Taking more obvious Lamb of God-isms and injecting a dash of death metal groove into them sounds like it could work well.

Opening track ‘Suffer Unto Me’ is a rumbling, one speed riff that doesn’t really go anywhere but it lays out a heavy punch to the senses to start us off. ‘War Deities’ is better, with a threatening start opening up into a monstrous groove mixed in with strange ethereal parts and growls. ‘Fuck Everything’ features a guest appearance from Shaun Payne from Silence Fiction, and it feels again very repetitive and doesn’t really go anywhere. The lyrics on this do nothing for me either.

The band are capable of some punishing riffing, as shown on the last song on the record ‘Leave the Seed’ and as it is their debut I’ll forgive somewhat average quality songs but if You’re Next want to get anywhere in the oversaturated groove metal scene, they’re going to have to work on their songwriting. A lack of riff variety really hampers my enjoyment, and the fact that most of the songs pick one riff and stick to it all the way through isn’t really good enough. Sorry lads, better luck next time.



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