Review: Cambion – Unfold Chaos Supreme

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Reviews
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My first impression of Cambion, a blackened death metal band that shares members from Munich and El Paso, is that their logo looks like those long split up NWOBHM bands you come across accidentally on Encyclopedia Metallum. I’m not wrong am I? Anyway, their new release is fifteen minutes of hellish, fire breathing metal.

Opener ‘Bend the Knee (to Moloch) is spectacularly vicious in its delivery, lightning fast guitar leads and raging blastbeats obliterate any concept of tranquility. It’s relentlessly brutal, with a pair of mentally quick solos that Kerry King would’ve been proud of. Hardly are you allowed to breathe before ‘Harlots of Hell’ wails with spiralling guitar solos. The influences are clear; ‘Black Magic’-era Slayer, early Krisiun and the screaming blasphemies of Angelcorpse. This is death metal obsessed with speed, speed and more speed. It’s almost refreshing in this world where death metal bands are going for slow and crushing to hear a band so dedicated to killing everything within a mile within ten seconds.

‘Unfold Chaos Supreme’ is probably the best name for this record. The title track sprays riffs and blastbeats with the uncaring accuracy of a blind machine gunner, but just finds time to squeeze in a slower, more melodic solo before exploding once more. ‘Perfected Aggressor’ rages past so fast you may need to press rewind. Closer ‘Kometen Von Czaxukluth’ ends what was an exhilirating journey through some of the fastest stuff you’ll hear this year. I fucking love it!


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