Review: Praise the Flame – Manifest Rebellion

Posted: September 19, 2015 in Reviews
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South American metal always conjures up an image of metal’s most raw and primal form, unfettered by such things as melody or commercialism. South American bands tend to play for the sheer joy of creating the most evil forms of music on the planet, and Chilean bruisers Praise the Flame are no different. Their debut record, ‘Manifest Rebellion’, continues the black arts practiced on their debut EP ‘Profane Cult’.

What is most refreshing is the song lengths. Each song is longer than your average blackened death metal offerings from the great Southern jungle, allowing songs to breathe past their initial ferocity and develop into more. No two minute blurs of rage but no substance; Praise the Flame give you more than your money’s worth here. The title track is an evil, swaying beast of malevolence and cruelty, while the six minute plus ‘Sepulchral Haze’ is vying for one of my favourite death metal songs this year. The raging ‘Burial Urns of Grief’ is another highlight, showcasing the band’s clear love for rampaging Swedish death ala Grave. This is ambitious brutality, and while not over-produced, sounds crisp and the clarity is excellent.

‘Manifest Rebellion’ is a great slice of old school death metal that doesn’t pretend to be any thing it isn’t. It is suitably brutal while retaining a distinct individuality with its superior songwriting skills. The rampant assault of ‘Endless Scourge’ or the monolithic ‘Rise the Witchpower’ pays tribute to that. ‘Manifest Rebellion’ is an album we all should be offering our firstborns to. Fucking death metal beauty!


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