Review: Necrodium – Remnants

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Reviews
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Finnish death metallers Necrodium have one thing going for them at least; their album cover for ‘Remnants’ stands out like a sore thumb from the legions of Photoshop death metal album covers. Finnish death metal has always had a reputation for being a bit special, and Necrodium strive to meet expectations on their newest gospel of unhinged rage.

After a rainy intro, the onslaught of brutality begins with the crushing ‘The Vengeance (From Beneath)’. A grindingly heavy assault, Necrodium pull no punches with their immediate and relentless heaviness. There’s a dark, Immolation-esque vibe about their unholy riffs, and the roaring, guttural vocals leave nothing to the imagination. ‘Into Oblivion’ is a crawling, achingly heavy beast that lurches from the depths, dragging chains and fetid air with it. Possessed with a truly ferocious vocal incantation, and a bottom heavy sway, Necrodium are the embodiment of classic Morbid Angel around ‘Covenant’.

The infectious brutality of ‘Torture Test’ plays straight to the heart of any early Cannibal Corpse fans in the audience, while ‘Cannibalizer’ has a ludicrously headbangable centrepiece riff that’ll struggle to leave your brain cavity for days. But the piece de resistance when it comes to head caving brutality is epic closer ‘Remnants of Claustrophobia’, a rumbling nine minute odyssey of rotten death metal that crushes every breath from your battered corpse and leaves you for the crows. A brilliant record for smashing your head against something


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