Review: Human Desolation – Mind Grind Paradigm

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Reviews
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Human Desolation’s PR bumff describes them as ‘semi-techy, post-modern, progressive death metal’, which raises alarm bells for me immediately. They’re Swedish/Finnish as well, so I’m gonna go with Scar Symmetry clones? Fortunately ‘Mind Grind Paradigm’ does them a lot more favours than their description. It is indeed a flashy mix of progressive metal riffing and death metal fury, and is actually a pretty fine album to boot.

‘Afterlife’ is a solid opener, with obvious progressive leanings despite its three and a half minutes. There’s some inspired riffing patterns all over this record, and they aren’t just At the Gates rip off riffs either. ‘Madworld’ has some cool melodic leads, and there’s always the threat of an explosive melodeath gallop coming too. What I do like as well is the lack of shoehorning clunky clean vocals in where they aren’t required. Vocalist Kristian Reunanen keeps it rough and raw, and it adds to the strength of the record.

Instrumental track ‘Desolation’ is the first truly progressive track they put down, layered with acoustic guitar and a Dream Theater-esque chug, Human Desolation keep it short but sweet. The production is top notch, each note is clear and crisp, enhancing the band’s obvious talents. Imagine In Flames playing Symphony X tunes and you’re about close with what to expect with ‘Mind Grind Paradigm’.

‘Mind Grind Paradigm’ is a solid progrssive death metal album that is only flawed by perhaps being just a little safe in its songwriting. Human Desolation have clearly got talent, and there’s an undeniable progressive streak through each track, but there’s nothing that really goes that extra mile, save maybe the obvious djentisms of ‘Hybrid Haven’ or the enigmatic ‘Frostbite’. Hopefully next record they’ll take that next step, but until then Human Desolation will remain an excellent band with a great new record!


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