Review: Severe Lacerations – Incantation of Sorrow

Posted: September 16, 2015 in Demo Review, Reviews
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Incantation of Sorrow cover art

The first new band release I’ve heard from Sixsixsix Music in a while, and I am so glad that Steve has started this again, because he’s relaunched it with a doozy. Severe Lacerations are a brutal death/thrash band from the grim North West of England, and their debut demo release has three scorching tracks on it. Their socio-political cover art looks very Napalm Death, and it seems almost fitting, considering the aural violence on display.

First track proper ‘Extant’ opens with a rampant chug, settling into a slower verse riff where savage vocals rage before a whirlwind of brutality explodes with fiery riffing and thudding double kicks rain down upon your ears. Severe Lacerations balance a crushing chug with clever technical riffing very well, and although the production muffles some of the riffing, you can feel the power on display. The fat riff that fuels ‘The Silent Death’ is heavy as fuck, and when you come across one of those kind of riffs, its time to lie down and accept your fate.

Closing with the doomy ‘Grim Harvest’, the demo feels just enough to whet your appetite for more. Severe Lacerations have written some good songs here, and while not wildly original or anything, each contains some fucking brutal headbanging riffs. Definitely worth watching out for in the near future.

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