Review: Pale from Sunlight – Love Was Never An Option

Posted: September 14, 2015 in Reviews
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This two man project from South Dakota is just soul drainingly bleak. I’ve never been to South Dakota, but it must be pretty grim to inspire such depressingly dark music. Pale from Sunlight’s debut ‘Love Was Never An Option’ is just their second release, following hot on the heels of a well received self titled EP.  It takes their hypnotic strand of atmospheric black metal to a new level of morbidity.

Opener ‘River Oaks’ is a haunting piece, buzzing with an eerie malevolence. Sheer black metal fury is covered with ghostly keyboards and ambient tones, while cold shrieks reverberate throughout. ‘Til Death Does His Part’ opens with glacial piano, creating this gloom from which no light will escape. Each rasping vocal emanation seems to speak volumes of despair and hopelessness. It has almost a drone doom feeling in parts; a shimmering depressive haze that lurks above each riff.

The graceful soar of ‘Anxious Revelations’, the raging torrent of ‘Out of Reach; they show flip sides of Pale from Sunlight’s coin. This duo create tapestries of music, where riffs weave within heavy atmospherics and the whole thing is just shrouded in misery and depression. It’s a heady mix of styles that works extremely well. Just try to keep your wrists intact during the icy title track or the miserable ‘Last Sunset’. Pale from Sunlight are a band to look out for, because their brand of black metal is pure and harsh, with loads of melancholy. SUPPORT!

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