Review: Decrepid – Ossesous Empire

Posted: September 14, 2015 in Reviews
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British mob Decrepid are a raging, old school death metal band, whose new record ‘Ossesous Empre’ thrashes like it’s Florida circa 1992. They are heavy as hell, riff dedicated (none of this fancy melody stuff) and reek of classic Cannibal Corpse and Deicide.

Opening with two pure ragers like ‘Concussion’ and ‘Death Walks Above’ is a strong move by Decrepid. You’re immediately introduced to their heavy relentless style that nevertheless packs a considerable groove punch. The attack continues with the speedy ‘Indulgence in Self Destruction’, which has some cool guitar work mixed in. There’s a potent rumble undeneath the waspish riffing that gives Decrepid a heavy foundation.

‘Ashumaniac’ chugs like a beast, but that’s nothing compared to the destructive power on show during titan closer ‘Fear Within’. It encapsulates their no frills approach to death metal. Keep it simple, keep it brutal and keep it heavy. ‘Ossesous Empire’ is a half hour blast of vintage death metal from one of the UK’s brightest new bands. I love this shit, and so will you.

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