Review: Vomit of Doom – Obey the Darkness

Posted: September 13, 2015 in Reviews
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Argentina’s Vomit of Doom release this vicious slab of blackened thrash on Satanath Records this year, and as is the way with South American metal, ‘Obey the Darkness’ is vicious, straight to the point and savage beyond help!

Following a ghostly intro, first track proper ‘Perversecution’ is that kind of rabid thrash that bands like Sarcofago made iconic. Vomit of Doom thrash like early Kreator or Sodom, but with an added visceral rawness that comes through on every scratchy scream, every clattering drum beat and every razor riff. ‘Conspiracy vs the World’ is like speed metal dipped in the blood of zombie hookers. Each song is tight, filthy and thrashes like there is no tomorrow, and even though you know what to expect with bands like this, Vomit of Doom really do pull it off with aplomb.

‘Maze of Doom’, which is a personal highlight on this for me, is followed by a foreboding interlude; a calm but not peace between the storms. The title track is rampant, while the intro riff to ‘Metal Pussy Attack’ is so early Slayer it hurts. Vomit of Doom take all the good bits of raw 80s thrash acts, coat it in a thick layer of blackened grime and then inject a high dose of energy into the whole package. ‘Satan’s Vengeance’ is just unendingly savage, and leads us to the gloomy outro. Vomit of Doom have crafted a fine twenty seven minutes of pure rage and riff on ‘Obey the Darkness’, and you’ll no choice other than to raise horns and bang thy head.


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