Review: Gloom – DogGod

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Reviews
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Gloom - Doggod

Spain’s Gloom has probably the most ironic band name to country ever. Their homeland is renowned for being a sunny holiday paradise, but there is clearly something horribly dark going on in twisted corners of España. Gloom are the birth of that beast, a flailing malevolent entity of blackened death metal chaos. ‘Doggod’ is their second record, following a six year wait from 2009’s debut ‘Mater Tenebrarum’, and it is a genuinely startling slab of violence.

Take ‘Erik Zann’ as an example. By the third track you’ve already been subject to the raging assault of the title track and this one is no different. Gloom meld the icy fury of black metal into the sheer heaviness of death metal. Crushing brutal death meets technical wizardry head on in a collision of stunning proportions. ‘Erik Zann’ is a schizophrenic exercise in pure rage and devastating riffage, that pogos around different time signatures.

It’s not all craziness however. The steamrolling opening riff to ‘Bolter’ is pure Bolt Thrower worship, and its fucking excellent. The song thuds into your brain with the force of a train, and its sheer propulsion urges your head to bang. The deathgrind ravages of ‘M.B.M’ and the thrashing ‘The Halfman’ add some variety to the mix, and there’s some superb headbanging moments, particularly in the rabid ‘Mass Infection’.

‘DogGod’ is a stunning blend of hyperblasting savagery and grinding, chugging low end. Gloom combine these elements expertly, while keeping each song totally listenable and relevant. There’s no wasted motion or notes, everything on ‘DogGod’ is exactly where it needs to be, and where that is is deep within some of the best riffs you’ll hear this year.

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