Review: Fully Consumed – Incendium

Posted: September 7, 2015 in Reviews
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As unconvinced as I am on the name Fully Consumed for a band, I am more than convinced on their technical expertise when it comes to brutal death metal riffs. ‘Incendium’ is the band’s rerecorded record from 2014, and man does it hold the motherload of riffs.

Raging technical death metal is the order of the day, which breaks up the hyperblasting brutality with some stunning guitarwork. ‘Scion of Fire’ highlights some of the stellar work on display here, with time changes abound and a crushing mix of double kicks and some great chugging riffs. Fully Consumed’s modus operandi is simple; crush and destroy all those who stand before them in a maelstorm of technical death metal. The rumbling savagery of ‘Genetic Predisposition to Warfare’ is a personal highlight.

‘Incendium’ is only 36 minutes in length, but it crams not only loads of cool ideas into the mix, but some clever and complex songwriting which allows each song to be memorable. ‘Anticlimatic’ is a torrent of thunderous double kicks, with riffs piling on top of each other, urgently escaping into the outside world. ‘Engaging Ghosts’ has a particularly brutal vocal performance, a guttural rumble from beyond the grave.

‘Incendium’ is a killer modern death metal record, full of brutality and variety, and the production on it is great. If you like your death metal technical, brutal but not suffocatingly so, and chock full of riffs, then Fully Consumed are definitely worth checking out.


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