Review: Chiral – Night Sky

Posted: September 5, 2015 in Reviews
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Anything designed, written and crafted by my good friend Teo in Chiral is going to be alright with me. He’s proven repeatedly that he can create some of the most evocative, windswept atmospheric black metal today, and his new record ‘Night Sky’, is out September 10th. I’ve been lucky enough to get a promo in advance to listen, and by the dark gods he’s done it again

Opener ‘My Temple of Isolation’ is a perfect example of how Chiral’s music works so well. Stirring acoustic guitar mingles with harsh black metal, creating a memorable backdrop for a raspingly melancholic vocal performance. ‘Night Sky’ is truly vast in its scope, taking influence from Wolves in the Throne Room and Opeth in equal measure. Chiral is starting to leave behind the trappings of modern black metal and forge his own path, his own interpretation of the riff.


‘Nightside I: Everblack Fields’ is a roaring cascade of icy riffs and a gloomy ambience underlying enhances the mood. ‘Night Sky’ is a journey through ghostly atmospherics and jarringly harsh black metal. Think of it as a blizzard in the great white North. There’s times for raging torrents of icy riffs, and times where the ambience is like quietly falling snow. Each track highlights these parts well, from the haunting, keyboard led soar of ‘Nightside II: Sky Wonder’ through the bleak ‘The Morning Passage’ into stunning closer ‘Beneath the Snow and the Fallen Leaves’.

Just another triumph for one of Italy’s finest. Chiral taps into that primal beauty of nature and channels it through each ethereal keyboard line, each razor riff and every atmospheric moment in his music. ‘Night Sky’ is a piece of glorious beauty, and should be high on everyone’s end of year lists.


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