Review: Siren – A Kingdom Aflame

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Reviews
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Looking at this album art, you’d expect Siren to be some gothic power metal band with a operatic female vocalist and no talent. Thankfully not, coming across as a blackened doom outfit from the US. Blending a mix of trad doom, fiery black metal and classic heavy metal tropes, Siren look to be an interesting prospect.

Coupling melancholic melodies with a propulsive black metal spirit, and with a rousing clean vocal narrative over the top, songs like ‘Fire & Blood’ and the soaring ‘Into the Starless Night’ give the album an impressive kick off. A thick, heavy metal backbone lines each track, while savagery rears its fiery head in the raging ‘Bastard of the Dreadfort’, and rumbling doom permeates the dense ‘Ursine Lineage’. Siren’s debut is full of great songs that mesh the three styles without relying on any in particular. I assumed that the band would come across as being similar to Primordial, but Siren wield none of Nemtheanga et al’s sheer power and grandeur. What Siren do is very enjoyable but in a more straightforward manner.

‘A Kingdom Aflame’ is a record of revelation. Where it should feel a bit disjointed, meshing three different styles, Siren manage it with aplomb. Each song is distinct, memorable and there are some great riffs. Be it the gloomy interlude of ‘And the Skies Mourned Her Light’, or the thunderous soar of ‘Hiraeth’, Siren hit all the right notes for me. Get a copy and smash thy face!


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