Review: Shrapnel Storm – Mother War

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Reviews
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Shrapnel Storm, old school death metallers from Finland, have dropped ‘Mother War’, their debut full length after eight years of being a band. They take a lot of influence from bands like Bolt Thrower and Brutality, and as their album title gives away, their theme is war.

Intro track ‘Casus Belli’ has a satisfyingly dense chug to it, moving into the relentless pounding of ‘The Carpet Bombing’. The guitar tone is thick and chunky, and the riffs have got that instant headbanging effect that all good solid death metal has. ‘Detracked’ comes on like a tank, steamrolling all in its wake in a thunder of thick death riffs and epic growls. It’s got everything you need in a great death metal record.

To compare Shrapnel Storm to Bolt Thrower seems disingenuous, because they aren’t as good as the British legends, but Shrapnel Storm are the closest to taking the crown with their dense heaviness. Each song is catchy, brutal and direct. There’s no technical wankery, there’s not a breakdown in sight, it is all solid, mid tempo death metal fury. The rage of ‘Combat High’, the bombardment of ‘To Each Battle’ and the chugging ‘Calling of the Void’ are highlights for me, but to be honest, any track here is great. I love Shrapnel Storm, I love this record, and you should too. Hail to Mother War!


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