Review: Sentience – Splinter the Cross

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Reviews
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Splinter the Cross - single cover art

How the hell did I miss this? Sentience’s ‘Beyond the Curse of Death’ demo from last year was one of my favourite releases, and they released new music this year and I missed it entirely!? Shame upon me, I really am getting laden down with new releases. Anyway, in gearing up for a full length record, Sentience released a two track single in July entitled ‘Splinter the Cross’, and its more of the same chainsaw death metal goodness we saw in their demo.

The title track is full of variety and nasty ass riffs. Pure fucking Swedish death metal emits from your speakers, switching between chugging density and waspish intense speed riffs. It retains that same vitality that their demo had, adding a grinding ferocity and instantly gaining a foothold inside your mind. ‘A Host of Worms’ is more of the same, galloping forward with feral rage. Rasping growls that are intelligible are a major plus point, and while many bands use Swedeath as a template to beat to death, Sentience revitalise the whole idea with their enthusiasm and their songwriting chops. This full length should be stunning


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