Review: Rito Profanatorio – Grimorios e Invocaciones desde el Templo de la Perversion

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Reviews
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With such evil artwork, and coming from deepest darkest Peru, you can take a guess at what Rito Profanatorio sound like… That’s right, they sound like music didn’t progress past Hellhammer, Sarcofago or early Mayhem, and their new album, ‘Grimorios e Invocaciones desde el Templo de la Perversion’ (which is a hell of a mouthful and translates to, you’ve guessed it, ‘Grimoires and Invocations from the Temple of Perversion’) is thirty minutes of hellish thrashing black/death metal that reeks of death.

‘Requiem of Dark Souls’ opens with an inhuman incantation, before descending into darkness with the riffs that slice open your ears like a rusty razor. A violent, clattering drum performance adds to the flailing chaos that is Rito Profanatorio. A demonic, vocal belch of audible hate and spite highlights tracks like ‘Templo de la Herijia’ and the nasty ‘Rameras del Diablo, but there’s also some killer guitar solos mixed in there too. There’s dashes of ‘Endless Pain’ era Kreator in the thrashing guitar melodies that manage to burst through the nasty guitar tone.

It’s almost pointless taking a track by track analysis of a record like this. Each track is a raging, black/death beast with ripping guitars, clattering drums and evil vocals. You know what you’re getting, but with only thirty minutes on the clock, the band never feel like they’re overstaying their welcome. Its fast, its furious, and its actually fucking awesome. Sometimes you need a good solid kick to the riff zone, and this is it. Highlight for me is the particualrly relentless blast of ‘Epitome de la Perversion’ but really I could’ve picked any of them. Hail the fiery rebirth of 80s black death!


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